Delivery Info

We currently offer delivery up to 30 miles away from the kitchen we rent in Waukesha, WI. Please note that delivery fees vary as follows:
  • Within 10 miles is always FREE
  • from 10 - 20 miles is $7/Delivery
  • from 20 - 30 miles is $15/Delivery

Of course, any order over $75 automatically grants FREE delivery for that order.
Also keep in mind that if you wish to meet somewhere closer to avoid delivery fees, we will be happy to meet at a location of your choosing.  Just enter in the preferred address in the "Shipping Address" section of check out. 

(One location we recommend and have used many times to meet is the Waukesha Police Department located at 1901 Delafield St. in Waukesha, which has a designated "internet purchase safe zone".)


You will now find that some of our products show an "Available for Shipping" badge.  This means instead of us delivering your order to you, we will use UPS to ship your order anywhere in the US! (Please note that if a product doesn't show this badge, then it can not be shipped.)



  • At the moment, we only offer delivery on Monday evenings, Thursday Evenings, and throughout the day on Saturdays.
  • Since we are a small business and all of our products are made fresh to order, we ask for your understanding that in some cases it may take 3-5 business days to make your order.

  • To make things as smooth as possible, please select your delivery date and time from your cart page before checking out.

  • If you ever have any questions or special delivery requests, feel free to contact us directly at